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Fitness First Goes Crazy for Muaythai

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Fitness First is the world’s largest fitness operator with over 550 gyms worldwide has adopted a specially designed pad work workout program for members utilising muaythai pads.  Fitness First made a decision to incorporate a muaythai workout into their programs after receiving a numerous inquiries about muaythai training as a result of their Contender Asia sponsorship.

The Contender Asia muaythai reality series was a huge success with over 400 million viewers worldwide. The show followed the journey of 16 professional athletes from around the world competing for the title of Contender Champion and a $250,000 grand prize.

The reality series gave viewers insight on Thailand’s national sport. Aside from the competitive aspect, there are many other benefits to practicing muaythai. It is considered the most physically challenging of all martial arts and it requires stamina, endurance and provides a total body workout.

In addition to being experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers, many Fitness First instructors have a background in various martial arts. Fitness First Singapore approached the world famous Contender team to host a seminar to give their personal trainers and opportunity to further their knowledge, motivation and techniques using muaythai fundamentals.

The seminar was organized under the guidance of the Singapore Muaythai Association which brought in their own coaching team lead by mentor, head coach and host of Contender Asia as well as the female WMC King’s Cup winner, Tiana Cavalieri. The muaythai instructors educated attendees on the aspects of a well-rounded muaythai workout which is beneficial for both men and women. Over 70 instructors participated in the course. There was extensive press coverage of the inaugural seminar and Fitness First has decided to promote this program among all of their Asian fitness clubs. The next course is planned for March in Malaysia.