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Italy Contender Qualifier a Big Success!

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The beautiful town of Marino was the next leg of the world qualifying rounds for Season 2 of The Contender Asia in Malaysia.

What a night it was! The stadium was jam packed which made for an incredible atmosphere.

After the 3 supporting fights, it was show tie for Contender… THE CONTENDER ASIA TOURNAMENT 1° QUARTO DI FINALE 3X3 FILIPPO FAGIOLO vs SARO "THE SICILIAN DON" PRESTI Win Presti by point (3:0) THE CONTENDER ASIA TROURNAMENT 2° QUARTO DI FINALE 3X3 ALEX GALAVOTTI vs MASSIMO BARONE Win Barone after extra round (3:0)

THE CONTENDER ASIA TOURNAMENT 3° QUARTO DI FINALE 3X3 DANIAL SHARIFI (Holland) vs KAOPON LEK (Thailand/Italy) Win Kaopon Lek by KO THE CONTENDER ASIA TOURNAMENT 4° QUARTO DI FINALE 3X3 HICHAM BETTANI (Marocco/Italy) vs THANIT IM ON Win Bettani after extra round (2:1) After 2 more supporting bouts, it was time for the Contender semi finals…

THE CONTENDER ASIA 1^ SEMIFINAL SARO “THE SICILIAN DON” PRESTI vs MASSIMO BARONE Win Presti by referee stoppage in R3 THE CONTENDER ASIA 2^ SEMIFINAL KAOPON LEK vs HICHAM BETTANI Win Kaopon Lek by KO THE CONTENDER ASIA FINAL KAOPON LEK vs SARO “THE SICILIAN DON” PRESTI The Sicilian secured his chance to enter season 2 of The Contender Asia in Malaysia. Congratulations to the organisers for putting on a fantastic event!





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