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Message from IFMA President and General Secretary

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IFMA is delighted to be part of this year’s Sportaccord in Denver, CO. It is a great opportunity to meet and greet leading delegates and colleagues in the international sporting community. Events like Sportaccord are of equal importance for us as our competitions. We feel that sports have the power to unite and bring together cultures and races from all parts of the globe. It drives the spirit of fair play, ethical behaviour and grace in both winning and losing. There are many aspects of muaythai – as a form of self-defence, a competition sport and for personal fitness. Muaythai is a sport of a proud culture and tradition, revered by many. Its roots are embedded in Thailand but it is practised on 5 continents in over 125 countries worldwide. IFMA is a proud member of GAISF and our inclusion has enabled us to share the sport of muaythai on an even greater scale and establishes muaythai among the most prominent federations in the world sporting community. IFMA looks forward to the year ahead as 2009 will be another important year as muaythai will be part of several prestigious events such as; the African Championships, Arafura Games, European Championships, and Indoor Asian Games.