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War on the Shore-I (official results)


Yesterday picturesque amphitheatre in Le Meridien Mina Seyahi hotel became an arena for the fights of twelve modern-day gladiators. Athletes of different nationalities were fighting for the Middle East champions’ belts. Fighters arrived unexpectedly on boat from seaside soon after the announcers’ speech has opened the event. Splashes of fireworks on the shore highlighted spectacular view – fighters were jumping from boat into the water and running toward the ring. All that was accompanied by crazy drumming. Six drummers from Dubai Drums were beating bases out of huge drums during the whole event. VIP guests of the event were Sheikh Halid Al Hamid, Mr. Saeed Hareb - Managing Director of Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. Mr. Sergey Zayashnikov - President of World Boxing League of Muaythai, who has come specially to supervise the title fights. Mr. Alibeck Isaev Chairman of Danik group. “War on the Shore-I” event was financed by DANIK Group. Alibeck Isaev - the Chairman of DANIK Group is the biggest supporter of Muaythai sport in United Arab Emirates. Last summer he sponsored the trip of Muaythai team from U.A.E. to Bangkok (Thailand) and the athletes from Dubai had the chance to participate in World Muaythai Championship (IFMA) 2006. Camera crew from Dubai Sport Channel was filming the show and the fights. Here are the results of first “War on the Shore” event. These fights were war on the shore indeed. Detailed report, post-fight interviews are coming soon. See pictures from the event in Gallery.

Written by Stanislav Bukhlov

1 Fight

World Boxing League of Muaythai vacant Middle East Welterweight title

Najmeddin Al Haddad (65kg) def. George Micouris (65kg) - TKO 2R

2 Fight

World Boxing League of Muaythai vacant Middle East Junior Middleweight title

Shakhbulat Shamkhalaev (68kg) def. Ahmed Saadi (71kg) - Dec 5R

3 Fight

World Boxing League of Muaythai vacant Middle East Middleweight title

Malik Omarov (75kg) def. Yaser Shabani (74kg) - KO 2R

4 Fight

World Boxing League of Muaythai vacant Middle East Light Heavyweight> title

Abdallah Abou Hamdan (83kg) def. Vahid Mahdavi (79kg) - Dec 5R


Two world organizations WMC and WBL had sanctioned two super fights of the evening.

5 Fight

WBL vacant Middle East Heavyweight title

Heavyweight title

Ramazan Ramazanov (93kg) def. Evert Fyeet (94kg) - KO 4R

6 Fight

WBL vacant Middle East Super Heavyweight title

WMC vacant Middle East Super Heavyweight title

Dzhamal Kasumov (108kg) def. Roger Pinas (102kg) - KO 5R