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Results. Boxer from Dubai took part in pro boxing event in Russia

Results. Boxer from Dubai took part in pro boxing event in RussiaRussia, March 4, 2006 – a member of Creative Concepts Martial Arts Team – El Moukhtar Dacosta took part in professional boxing competition in small Siberian Russian town Nefteyugansk. Creative Concepts Real Estate sponsored this trip of the fighter to Russia. El Moukhtar Dacosta from Creative Concepts Martial Arts Team competed in 69.9 kilo weight category. Originally from Portugal, Dacosta has been boxing extensively in Holland, Belgium, Hon Kong and the USA. During his fighting career he was known as Bruno, he took the name El Moukhtar after he converted to Islam. The competition was held at Empire Entertainment Centre in Russian town - Nefteyugansk. El Moukhtar Dacosta faced in the ring Russian boxer Evgeny Veniaminov. The fight Dacosta vs Veniaminov was the most dramatic fight of the evening. The boxers started the fight with immediate exchange of punches. Both fighters looked tired by the third round, especially Dacosta who was fighting in different climate conditions. In the third round El Moukhtar almost changed situation on the ring and Veniaminov was in problem. But in the forth round Dacosta could not develop advantage. By the end of the forth round, Veniaminov's continued assault was showing its effects as he was landing his right hand that wobbled El Moukhtar. Veniaminov went on the attack again and landed monster right hand that put Dacosta down for few times. Dacosta, showed heart and determination by getting up again, but referee Andrey Panin had seen enough and rightfully stopped the fight. After the fight the referee and supervisor of the tournament came to his changing room to shake his hand and make some pictures. Both were impressed by his courage after severe punches and few knockdowns El Moukhtar was continuing fighting and was not going to give up. Asked about the end of the fight, Dacosta had just smiled: "Boxing is a game, someone wins, someone loses, if you lose than you have to accept it. Some good boxers never survived defeat but those who are really good had strength to return in the ring for rematch”. The rematch is being discussed between Russian promoters and the management of Creative Concepts Martial Arts Team. This boxing event in Russia was just a beginning of cooperation between Russian boxing promoters and professional boxers from Creative Concepts Martial Arts Team.