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George Micouris: "I want a re-match, because I feel I won in War on the Shore-2" - Exclusive interview with the fighter

George Micouris: "I want a re-match, because I feel I won in War on the Shore-2" - Exclusive interview with the fighter

Q: How long have you been doing muaythai?

A: I’ve discovered muaythai for myself not long ago and have been training professionally only for couple of years. By now I have a record of only 13 muaythai competitions, but that’s only the beginning and I’m sure that in a short period I’ll have more fights in my background

Q: Three years have passed since War on the Shore-2 had been carried out. Why did you decide to do the re-match now?

A: I feel I won the fight in War on the Shore-2. The thought of doing the re-match haven’t left me since then, and I want to prove that I was right back then. Now it’s a perfect time for doing that because I didn’t have a coach in 2007, and my friends helped me to prepare. Today I’m training in a club and I feel I’ve done a lot to get more experience, and I’m improving my skills everyday

Q: What can you say about your competitor, Mohammed Sanad? We all know that he wasn’t lucky on War on the Shore-3. Do you think it’s an indicator that he’ll lose out in War on the Shore-4 as well?

A: Mohammed Sanad is tough and good fighter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend War on the Shore-3, but I followed up with all news related to War on the Shore on Facebook. Of course, his defeat is not indicating anything. In my opinion, the reason for that thing to happen was the short period of time for him to prepare for that match. I’m sure he will bounce back, and we’ll have opportunity to show everyone a good fight with equal chances to win.

Q: What do you think about the return of War on the Shore project to Dubai?

A: I think that War on the Shore is a good project. It brings lots of opportunities not only for fighters but also for those who like muaythai and support their favorites. I wasn’t in Dubai when War on the Shore-3 was held, but I heard it was even better than previous episodes of the project, so I hope then next series will be proving the level of War on the Shore series.

Q: What War on the Shore project gives personally to you?

A: Well, of course, first, it brings for me and other fighters in the UAE as well as fighters from other parts of the world to prove our skills and gain new titles. Second, it helps to become more recognized locally which is important for the overal development of muaythai in the region. But personally for me the most important thing today is the opportunity to have a re-match that will mean for me a lot.

Thank you and see you in next War on the Shore series