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Najmeddin Al Hadad: “I’ll become part of War on the Shore series back again soon” - Exclusive Interview with the fighter

Najmeddin Al Hadad: “I’ll become part of War on the Shore series back again soon” - Exclusive Interview with the fighter

Q: You are the one who've seen the development of War on the Shore project from the very beginning - you are the winner of first two episodes. What can you say about War on the Shore-3? Was it different somehow?

Yes, I think that the 3rd series of War on the Shore had more work involved in comparison with first and second series of this project.

Most of fighters this time were amazing. They performed really well and proved their outstanding skills and records; the audience enjoyed lots of breath-taking moments. Apart from that, the event itself was beautifully organized. War on the Shore 1 & 2 series were also organized well, but this time it was totally different story. The venue was unique – that was my first time when I was watching muaythai competition at the roof of the parking. The venue setting was reflecting Thai hospitality as well as incomparable style of Martial Arts Academy and its War on the Shore project – everything from tables and chairs to ring lightings and music was encouraging to spend the evening in a good mood and enjoy the pure muaythai. And indeed, I saw lots of happy faces that day.

Q: Why didn't you participate in War on the Shore-3 yourself?

I was preparing to participate in another event where I was to defend my WKBF World Title. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled, and by that time it was too late to take part in War on the Shore-3 as the fightcard had been already announced. However, I hope that I’ll have a chance to become part of War on the Shore series back again very soon.

Q: Dubai Martial Arts Academy has already started preparing for War on the Shore-4 series. We know that you are willing to participate there in a title fight. How can you evaluate your level of preparation for the furthercoming event and whom do you expect as your competitor?

As for the preparation level of mine, physically and mentally I’m always ready to perform and prove my skills. However, now I have difficult times because of some personal life’s problems, but even this will not affect my trainings and my passion to sports. Quite the contrary, I’m sure that hard things in life can make the real fighter become stronger on the ring. I have no idea of who can be my opponent for the next War on the Shore series, but I’m sure I’ll prove my professionalism once again.

Q: We know you were Mohammed Sanad's coach for War on the Shore-2, when he won George Micouris. Now George wants to have a re-match. Will you coach Mohammed for this fight again?

I haven’t seen Mohammed for a long time, so I even know whether he lives and trains in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Thus, I can’t say anything about his level of preparation today, but I sincerely hope that he’s doing his best to improve his skills and to show better results than he had this November on War on the Shore-3.

Q: What do you think of Martial Arts Academy and its role for the muaythai in the UAE?

I believe that Dubai Martial Arts Academy is the only organization in the region that promotes pure muaythai fights and fighters while other organizations promote a mixture of martial arts (not necessarily MMA). I think that the reason for that is that they don’t have enough muaythai professionals while Martial Arts Academy has unbeatable opportunities in the region along with huge worldwide support. Thus, DMAA brings the best fighters from all around the world to the place to be – Dubai, that gives the people from all around the world outstanding opportunities for the best entertainment activities and the fighters a chance test their skills against different opponents and also to enjoy this beautiful cosmopolitain.

Q: What can you wish another professional fighters in the UAE? and of course, what can you say to those who are following muaythai?

First of all, I want to wish everyone all the best for the new year that began not long ago! I'd like to wish all fighters in the UAE to keep training hard and fast, so that when Martial Arts Academy invites fighters from abroad, we could prove everyone that the UAE can also be proud of its professionals because they are either known worldwide already or have great perspectives for that. As for the followers of this magnificent martial art, I want to say that each and every fighter depends not only on his own skills but on the support given to him by his audience. So, you should know that we're fighting for you and we do our best to bring you spectacular show and memorable moments, and make you proud of us and of your nation (if we are representing your country). And if there are still those who don’t know what muaythai is all about, you are always welcome on War on the Shore series.