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War on the Shore-2. Official results

War on the Shore-2. Official results

On April 20th 2007 Dubai Fight Academy organized Muaythai Event War on the Shore-2, officially sanctioned by World Muaythai Council. The amphitheatre at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina was packed to bursting point. Damas Group sponsored War on the Shore-2 professional event. Also great support the organizers received from the venue of the event – Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina. Pasan Taparak (Consul – General of Thailand) attended the event with other Thai officials. Tamjid Abdullah (Deputy Managing Director of Damas Group) was rewarding winners of title bouts with Champions belts.

Mohammed "The tiger" Sanad (UAE) defeated George "Thaitanium" Micouris (SOUTH AFRICA) – 5R Decision

Najmeddin "Scorpion" Al Haddad (CANADA) defeated - Zinolabedin "The Rocket" Zokaeyan (IRAN) – 5R Decision

Claude "The Dynamite" Kouam (CAMEROON) defeated Aymen Ben Ali (TUNISIA) – 2R KO

Ahmed "Kamikaze" Saadi (TUNISIA) defeated Artem "Psycho" Myagkov (RUSSIA) – 4R KO

Abdallah "Hooligan" Abou Hamdan (LEBANON) defeated Ian Coe (UNITED KINGDOM) - 5R Decision

Malik Omarov (RUSSIA) defeated Olley Watson (UNITED KINGDOM). 2R TKO

War on the Shore-2. The report.

Fight №1 Welterweight
Mohammed Sanad VS George Micouris
South African native George suffered an unceremonious setback to his fighting career, sustaining a broken arm as a result of unfortunate block on last event. After this tough loss George Micouris was looking to return to his winning ways.  But on his path was tough Muaythai debutant, Mohammed Sanad. This Emirates national came out to be hard to die. For all five rounds he was dominating and aggressive. Sanad unleashes on South African all the variety of Muaythai techniques. In round 3 solid punches of Sanad makes George to bleed. In round four, doctor checks Georges’ nose and concludes that it is broken, presumably it was the result of knees to the head. However George shows courage and insists on continuing the fight. Sanad wins by decision after five rounds.

Fight №2 Junior Middleweight
Najmeddin Al Haddad VS Zinolabedin Zokaevan
This fight was a rematch from earlier bout between this fighters one year before in Sharjah on kickboxing organized by Abdollah Ghazimi – an owner of kickboxing club in Sharjah. In that fight Najmeddin was disqualified for illegal kick. There was not too much action in rounds 1, 2, 3. Iranian lands occasional lowkicks and did not show much techniques, most of the time keeping distance from Canadian. Hajmeddin was more active and wins the fight by points after five rounds.

Fight №3 Middleweight
Ahmed Saadi VS Artem Myagkov
Ahmed Saadi from Dubai Fight Academy Gym put a good performance during hid fight against Russian fighter Artem Myagkov. In spite that Artem is 15 centimetres taller then Ahmed, Tunisian manages to fire in few high kicks that reaches Artems’ head. In round 4 Ahmed reaches Artem with hard knees, and make him down two times, third time Artem could not get up after 10 count and referee Magomed Suleymanov stops the fight.

Fight №4 Light Heavyweight
Abdallah Abou Hamdan VS Ian Coe

Last year Ian became silver medallist on Muaythai Amateur World Championship 2006 (Bangkok, Thailand) organized by IFMA. Ian has 11 professional fights eight of them he won, 3 lost, 3 of his fights Ian won by KO. Abdallah Abou Hamdan AKA “Hooligan” has fought in 14 professional bouts, has 9 wins, 5 loses, 4 wins by KO.
Abdallah looks strong in 1, 2, 3, round and he pushes forward and lands some big right roundhouse kicks after combination of punches. In round 3 Abdallah head butts Ian and referee Magomed Magomedov warns him deducts points. Ian increases temp of attacks from round to round, kicks good roundkicks on his own and fires in punches, some of them makes Abdallah’s head snap back. Close fight both boxers performed well. Abdallah won by points. Although an additional round could make it more clearly. As it came out lately Abdallah broke some bones of his right palm during this fight. He had injured his right fist in bar fight one-month prior the event and due to it could not close his fist in glove properly.

Fight №5 Heavyweight
Claude Kouam VS Aymen Ben Ali
This was going to be puncher-against-kicker clash because Aymen is hard kicker and Claude experienced boxer. Ayman started with lowkicks, but they were not strong and did not stop Claude. Claude rushes with punches and lands some solid shots after which Aymen was knock downed. In second round Tunisian tries to clinch and knee Cameroonian but unsuccessfully. Aymen is getting a lot of punches, which landed exactly on his chin. Claude does not left Ayman any chances and in second round knockouts Ayman.

Fight №6 Welterweight intercontinental WBL Muaythai title
Malik Omarov VS Olley Watson
Malik represented Dubai Fight Academy Gym and Olley represented Minotaur Gym (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire UK). Olley is upcoming British talent who at the age of 16 won World Muaythai Championship in junior division. Coached by one of the most respected British trainer Paul Taylor, Olley already fought in 22 professional fights and has twenty wins over experienced opponents. His opponent was tough Dubai boxer Malik Omarov. Originally from Russia he started his martial arts career in his hometown Makhachckala. Being very successful at many martial arts he eventually turned into Muaythai and won in January 2007 WBL Middle East Muaythai Champions title.

This was really spectacular fight. Both fighters spend the fist round feeling out each others defences. Olley starts with sharp lowkicks, but Malik is alert and blocks almost all of them. Then there is some exchanges of punches followed by high kicks. In second round Malik cuts Olley’s right eyebrow with highkick. He continues with some nasty left crosses, causing the blood flew more from the cut. Immediately after the second round the trainer Darren Ambrose throws the towel in the ring. Malik wins by TKO. Although boxers boxed only for two rounds the style and the technique they both showed were the most brilliant of the fight night.

Written by Stanislav Bukhlov