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Introducing Dubai Top Team: Interview with Antuan Siangboxing

Introducing Dubai Top Team: Interview with Antuan Siangboxing

Q: How did you start your sport career?

I’ve started my sport career by doing adventure outdoor sports like rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, cannoning, caving, etc. I used to do that in Pyrenean mountains in France and as well as in Spain. After some time I immigrated with my family to Thailand and discovered Muaythai for myself.

Q: Why muaythai?

Well, at the beginning muaythai was the key to have new friends and get used to new cultural conditions, as we were the only Occidental family in the village we moved to. Moreover, that was the best way to learn Thai language in a short period of time. When I got friends I found out that they are all muaythai fighters, therefore, I can say that I chose this sport also because of my friends.

Q: Did you have any goal to achieve when you got into the world of muaythai?

When I started doing muaythai I dreamed of fighting in Lumpinee stadium. I believed that it was the place to be as it’s one of the most popular stages in Thailand. Moreover, it’s known on the international level. I realized my dream when I was 14, and I was the first youngest Occidental fighter to do that (along with my brother Leo).

Q: Now when you are a professional fighter, did your goals changed somehow?

Today I have 5 world titles in different weights and Federations, ranked top 10 in Lumpinee, Siam Omnoi and World Muaythai Council. So, I fight around the world on the most prestigious stadiums and boxing events. After 133 professional fights at 20 years old … I believe that I’ve realised my dream, and I hope that lots of young muaythai fighters will have as exciting upturn in sports as I did.

Q: If yes, then what would you like to achieve now?

Today I want to remain one of the Top 10 ranked fighters in the world. And of course maybe in the nearest future I’ll become strong enough to be the #1 Fighter. However, that’s not the top priority for me. I’m sure that the main goal for any fighter is to bring excitement and joy to spectators as well as high quality performances to promoters because these people part of the success.

Q: Can you tell us about the most memorable highlight within your career?

The most memorable moment for me was when I realized that I won in a title fight versus Bovy Sor Udomson, who is the real legend and who’s considered as one of the best fighters in the world, in Thailand. I became the winner and the WPMF World Champion.
I still remember this competition as it was hard. That time I had to use all my skills and knowledge to show my real level, and to prove that I can be better even than one of the best fighters of the century.

Q: What do you feel when you become the winner?

I strongly believe that if you are in a good team (because it’s with the work of all your partners), train hard and have a good heart you can be Champion. There’s no term as “Chance” for me when it comes to Thai boxing.

Q: What do you feel when you lose?

When I lose a fight I’m trying to find out reasons for that. Therefore, all my defeats open for me new opportunities to develop my technical skills, to be stronger, and to perform better in next competitions.