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Introducing Dubai Top Team: VICTOR PINTO aka Leo Siangboxing

Introducing Dubai Top Team: VICTOR PINTO aka Leo SiangboxingQ: Why muaythai?
First, muaythai was the key to learn Thai language and get used to other culture (Thai culture). Second, I study in Thai school and I have to express myself everyday as I’m the only Occidential person out of 1400 students. So, each and every day I have to show myself to those who are trying to make conflicts with me, especially in on the playground during study breaks.

Q: Did you have any goal to achieve when you got into the world of muaythai?
As you know I have elder brother – Antuan. So, when I saw him fighting in Lumpinee stadium, then when he appeared on TV and became popular among spectators, something switched into my mind. The only thing I was thinking about was to have same achievements as my bother does, or even to achieve more! And so I did – I started fighting in Lumpinee stadium, and people started recognizing me and talking about me.

Q: Now when you are a professional fighter, did your goals changed somehow?
Today it's different because I have more than 70 professional fights on different arenas – Lumpinee, One Songchai, Siam Omnoi stadiums, etc. My fights are broadcasted on TV5, TV9, TV11, TV3, and more. I’m only 18 years old, but a lot of people consider me as a real Thai fighter. The Professional Boxing Board gave me one of the most valuable awards - The Best Fighter in Lumpinee stadium Channel 5 for the year 2010. For me it's a real accomplishment in Thailand as before none of Occidential fighters got this prize.

Q: If yes, then what would you like to achieve now?
Today I want to be ranked as one of the Top 10 Fighers in Thailand. Moreover, I would do my best to have more competitions overseas, because I want to bring the pure style of muaythai to international audiences as it is spectacular and beautiful sport.

Q: Can you tell us about the most memorable highlight within your career?
For me the most memorable moment was when I won in the rematch with Singdaeng (I won the first fight in Lumpinee stadium as well). The fight took place in Omnoi stadium on Channel 3. I was losing during first 3 rounds. My opponent, Sindaeng, was too strong, and at the end of the day the bets were 20/1 against me. I came back in rounds 4 and 5 and I won the match only with my heart. When I won I looked around - the entire stadium and the gamblers were giving me standing ovation. That was the best day of my life, and I hope I’ll get more moments like this in my career.

Q: What do you feel when you become the winner?
I feel that I’m the best, and that is an amazing feeling.

Q: What do you feel when you lose?
Sometimes I rematch my opponent because I think that another day is another match; therefore, the result of the fight can be different. However, for me it’s never about luck. I train harder to become the winner. I believe that if you are second, then it means that you don't make you job for 200%. And 100% is just not enough to be a Champion.