UAE Muaythai National Team

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Photo GalleryWorld-Muaythai-Championship-2006

Aymen Ben Ali _UAE_ vs Ben Sorensen _Papua New Guinea_ 1
Aymen Ben Ali _UAE_ vs Ben Sorensen _Papua New Guinea_
Aymen Ben Ali and muaythai kids
Fighters and coach from Dubai
Jabarfight _1_
Jabarfight _2_
Martial Arts Academy supporters of Jabar
Muaythai kids _1_
Muaythai kids _2_
Muaythai kids
Muaythai officials from different countries
Najmeddin Al Haddad and muaythai kids
Thai fan
UAE team _8_ _web_
UAE team _9_
UAE team web
Vladimir Burdun interview
Vladimir Burdun with IFMA International Coordinator - Stephan Fox
Vliaimir Burdun and President of Ukraine Muaythai Federation
referi _amp_ Muayhtai fanat
thai boxer before fight