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Brothers Majlimov are to be new stars in the world of muaythai

Brothers Majlimov are to be new stars in the world of muaythai

Martial Arts Academy team talked to Khasan and Khusan Majlimov, twin brothers and professional muaythai fighters from Uzbekistan, who are new to the UAE and having their first competition in Dubai on 21 September 2012. Same as renowned world champions and brothers Vitaliy and Vladimir Klichko, these young guys are full of power and will to prove the world their excellence and talent.

Q: Twin brothers into muaythai is a rare case. How has it all started?

A: To be honest with you, our lives might have been completely different today as our parents wanted us to be musicians. On the contrary, our grandfather saw the potential for sports in us. So thanks to him, today we are where we are. We are into martial arts, and we are happy with that.

We’ve started our sports career in karate, and we’ve done it for 1.5 years. Then we switched to kickboxing, muaythai, and K-1. And it’s been 12 years that we’ve been doing these martial arts.

Q: After so many years, what is muaythai for you?

A: First thing any sport gives a person is a discipline. You are having a healthy lifestyle, constant trainings, and of course you are having the final goal – and so you go for it. When such sport as muaythai becomes part of your life, it changes everything. We believe that we were born to win, and muaythai is one of the tools to prove that. We are passionate about it, and so we are having rewards for that. At the end of the day, each of our victories is not only valuable for us – we are bringing the pride to our country. So we are dedicating all our time to that.

Q: How long have you been living in Dubai and how long have you been training in Generation eXtreme club?

A: We came to Dubai one year ago. Thanks to Mr. Vladimir Burdun, we’ve discovered Generation eXtreme for ourselves almost immediately. Today this training club is like our second home, and we are planning to stay in Dubai for a longer time, so we’d be able to continue our trainings in here and represent Generation eXtreme on local, regional, and international competitions.

Q: What is the victory for you? And how do you feel when you lose?

A: The victory is a word that we believe just can’t be explained by other words. When you win a competition and you are at the first place, and you are rewarded for that not only with the prize but also with the support of your team and your fans – that is something priceless! Undoubtedly the best thing in the world, and you can only feel it, otherwise, you will never know what that is.

As for the loss, we believe that it always gives a real sportsman a push forward. There’s a special feeling of culture in muaythai, it’s very respectful. Therefore, we would never behave impolite in case we lose a fight. We would be happy for a winner, though the main thing for us would be the analysis of our own mistakes and their further improvement in a training club.

Q: How can you evaluate yourself today, when there’s only couple of days till your next competition? And do you know who your competitors are?

A: We still don’t know anything about our competitors. However, for us it doesn’t really matter. We have no doubt that this competition will bring each of us one more victory. That doesn’t mean that we are undervaluating our opponents – it means that we are doing our best to win.

Martial Arts Academy wishes the best of luck for brothers Majlimov in their upcoming fight on 21st September!

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