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Our Projects

War on the Shore. Professional Muaythai Series

War on the Shore. Professional Muaythai Series

Launched in 2007, War on the Shore event has overthrown the sports scene in this region. It brought the art of pure muaythai into the country and attracted thousands of people – both locals and expats.

Today this event is well known both locally and internationally, as it’s promoted by leading media sources and is broadcasted on renowned TV networks:

The recording format is in full HD, and there’s a chance that War on the Shore will be the first professional muaythai tournament in GCC recorded in 3D!

In addition, the documentary will be recorded along with the competition itself. It brings international recognition to the region and the city, and transfers a venue to the renowned landmark, as well as promotes all event-related companies and products on a highly professional level.

Based on previous series statistics, the PR value of each War on the Shore event reaches more than US $3.5 million.

War on the Shore series brings outstanding quality and exposure to its partners and advertisers, as well as a memorable show to the audience.

War on the Shore series – the perfect way of brand advertising!

War on the Shore Fight Night. Weekly TV Show

War on the Shore Fight Night. Weekly TV Show

War on the Shore Fight Night project brings one of the best opportunities for companies and their products to be known locally and regionally.

Each series of this weekly show will uncover the world of muaythai – from renowned world competitions to regional promoters, fighters, and teams. Being broadcasted on leading regional TV networks, War on the Shore Fight Night attracts millions of people and, as a result, creates high awareness about the sport and its supporters from other industries.

In regards to the UAE and other GCC countries, the show is bi-lingual to cover both local and expat markets.

If you want to be ‘On Air’ all year round as part of one of the most entertaining shows in the region, go for War on the Shore Fight Night!

Dubai Top Team. Professional Fighters to Rock the World

Dubai Top Team. Professional Fighters to Rock the World

Dubai Top Team is created to unite a variety of martial arts – muaythai, kickboxing, MMA, professional boxing – and bring the best of these sports to the world.

The Team is comprised of world’s best fighters of different nationalities and from different countries. Every week one of them participates in prestigious tournaments worldwide – in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Moscow, Hong Kong, Berlin, Sydney, etc. All of these tournaments are broadcasted on leading international TV networks – EuroSport, ESPN, TGN, Fox Sports, NTV+, and others.

Dubai Top Team is new fighters’ generation called “Gentlemen Fighters”, who know more than two languages and can participate on meetings, give interviews and, thus, bring huge value and international exposure to their sponsors.

If you want to be seen and recognized worldwide, then Dubai Top Team is the best way to go!

UAE National Team. Amateur Fighters Defending National Pride

UAE National Team. Amateur Fighters Defending National Pride

To become a professional fighter, passion for muaythai is not enough – you should have proper guidance to become a skilled amateur. Therefore, Dubai Martial Arts Academy pays special attention to the development of muaythai on amateur level. The best defenders of any country are nationals and so they are our priority.

UAE National Team, created in 2004, comprises of talented amateurs – UAE nationals – who defend the pride of the country on local, regional, and international competitions.

Vladimir Burdun, Vice Chairman of IFMA IDC and President of Dubai Martial Arts Academy says:
“I strongly believe that our success depends on local support. The UAE gave a lot to us, and we should pay back to this country. Therefore, we gave new birth to the UAE national Team and will prove that local fighters have great potential to become internationally known professionals”.

The UAE National Muaythai and Kickboxing Committee launched under the umbrella of the UAE Karate and Taekwondo Federation brings high exposure on different levels for both amateur and professional fighters.

Desert Fight and Rock Festival. Entertainment of a Huge Scale

Desert Fight and Rock Festival. Entertainment of a Huge Scale

Desert Fight and Rock Festival is the biggest presented by Dubai Martial Arts Academy. Being the only official promoter of combat sports in the UAE, the Academy develops the level of different martial arts while bringing to the audience the best entertainment opportunities as well as the best exposure to advertisers, partners and supporters.

Organizing sporting events from 2003, Dubai Martial Arts Academy came to know that fights themselves are not enough to have desired reaction from the public. Therefore, Academy officials came up with the idea of completely new project – Desert Fight and Rock Festival.

This Festival is a multidimensional annual outdoor entertainment lasting for more than two days and attracting the best fighters from all over the world who represent different martial arts disciplines – Professional Boxing, Muaythai, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Apart from fights, the Festival brings to spectators amazing drum show s, muaythai kids demonstrating ancient muaythai techniques, medieval knights’ shows, Thai clowns programs, music bands performances, and many more.

No surprise – Desert Fight and Rock Festival is the best place to be, therefore, it attracts thousands of people.

Be the part of the Great Amusement! Go for Desert Fight and Rock Festival!