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Malaysian in Contender Asia Fever

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Over 6000 people filled the Kelantan Stadium forming an atmosphere never seen before in Malaysia for the Malaysian Contender qualifier. The event was filmed by AXN, the Asian broadcaster for The Contender Asia. The place was packed with Contender celebrities with the show’s Executive Producer and host in attendance.

The first fight of the super 8 was Kudin VS The Police Champion Tengku. Tengku showed his lighting hand speed and stopped Kudin.

Fight number 2 was Alif VS Hashin. This was a muaythai war with Alif taking the decision.

The third quarterfinal was between Wes and Azwan, and this fight went toe to toe. At the end of round 3 Wes executed a perfect elbow giving him the fight.

Malaysian tiger Faisal took on Khoo and that was no doubt one of the best muaythai fights of the evening, Faisal winning a point decision, making his mark in the competition.

The semi final was between Alif and Tengku. Both boys showed world class muaythai and Alif took the final spot.

The 2nd semi final was between Wes and Faisal, and Faisal really stepped up the mark taking the second final spot.

The stage was set for the final. Alif VS Faisal. Who would be the 2nd Malaysian in Contender Asia 2?

It was Faisal from the Malaysian Tigers, with a solid performance and to the cheer of a sold out venue to be the one to carry the Malaysian flag to viewers around the world.

The under card was Malaysia VS Thailand and Malaysia proved that they have become a strong force in muaythai and the world is eagerly awaiting the start of Contender Asia 2 to see the beauty of Malaysia and also the best of the best, squaring up for the belt of all belts.

Source: http://www.ifmamuaythai.org/HTML/09_0428_malay.html