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The Queen's Cup

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WMC and OneSongchai presented their annual Queen's Cup competition in Honour of Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand's 77th birthday on August 12th at Sanam Luang in Bangkok. The crowds turned up in record numbers, as over 100,000 spectators attended the event. There were many memorable moments this year. Notably, the female fighters participated in a special candle lighting ceremony in Honour of Her Majesty and were joined by the crowd in a beautiful and peaceful display. The ceremony was followed up with a spectacular fireworks show.

The Minister of Interior, Mr. Chaorat Charnweerkul provided his blessing to the Queen's Cup trophy. Additionally, Black Hawk Contest AG, CEO Mr. Benny Aebischer was on hand to present trophies and to promote the upcoming 2009 King’s Cup Tournament. There were also three Contender Asia season two hopefuls in attendance - Jordan Watson (UK), Paolo Balicha (SWITZERLAND), and Maliapet (THAILAND). There were thirteen exciting bouts with two titles on the line - the WMC Onesongchai Featherweight Title was awarded to Sripare Nongkipahuyuth and the OneSongchai World Championship Jr. Bantamweight title went to Duennapa Kiatkriangsak with controversy from the crowd as the people were rooting for Aman Chattigym. The Malaysian Tiger Team devastated their opponents with quick first and second round knock-outs.

The female Thai fighter Ploymuangchan Sitpetchdam, defeated the Maria Pertti (Finland), was chosen as the winner of an honor cup granted by Her Majesty the Queen. Once again, the annual Queen's Cup celebration delighted the crowd with international athletes, tough female competitions and non-stop excitement. 1. Gianluca Bagcolilo - Winner (Italy) VS Resa Armadi (Iran) 67 Kg. 2. Anita Pagnani - Winner (Australia) VS Kate Rose Gerraty (England)53 Kg. 3 Nongbua Lukepriaree (Thai) VS Saoyentafour Nonglampoon (Thai) 49 Kg. ———————- Candle Lighting Ceremony ———————– 4. Fahsai Nongkipahuyuth (Thai) VS Cheardnimnim ParuayRCA (Thai) 52 Kg. 5 Sripare Nongkipahuyuth - Winner (Thai) VS Nongprem Nonthinggym(Thai) 57 Kg. WMC OneSongchai World Championship Featherweight 6. Deday Sorsamakkey(Thai) VS Petcharee Sorarree (Thai) 52 Kg. 7. Duennapa Kiatkriangsak - Winner (Thai) VS Aman Chattigym (England)52 Kg. OneSongchai World Championship Jr. Bantamweight 8. Zaza Sorarree - Winner (Thai) VS Junko Masaki (Japan) 53 Kg. 9 Ejo- Winner  (Malaysia) (Thai) VS Mongkutthong Sorsalakchi (Thai) 47 Kg. 10. Maria Pertti Gym (Finland) VS Ploymuangchan SithPetchdam - Winner (Thai) 54 Kg. 11. Debey (Canada) VS Laura Dal Farra (Canada)50 Kg. 12. Tadi Melmahel (Iran) VS Ali Yakoob - Winner (Malaysia)53 Kg. 13. Ielo Page - Winner (France) VS Snooker Sorsalakchit (Thai)60 Kg.


Source: http://www.ifmamuaythai.org/HTML/09_0818_QueenCup.html