War On The Shore - Fight Night

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Taipan Unleashed

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Sydney will host another world class international WMC sanctioned event from Taipan promotions. Unleashed will take place Saturday, August 22nd at the Portuguese Community Club in NSW. The two main fights will see  Australian champion Female Champion  Wendy Mirander 53.5kg  take on the African champion, Dalia Hosny. This will be a fantastic promotion for female Muaythai. The winner of this fight will advance in the top ten of the female world ranking. Sydney favourite, Joe Concha will take on Yongyut. from Thailand. The event  is sure to be a sell out  and congratulations must go to promoter Tony Favuzzi and the Tapian team.



Source: http://www.ifmamuaythai.org/HTML/09_0819_Taipan.html