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The Future Of Muaythai Is Safe!



Noah Beckwith, only 8 years old, dreams of becoming a future world muaythai champion.

He was recently invited to his second international contest in Thailand, where he won. He said that it was a very proud moment for him to be able to represent Australia as well as to compete in the motherland of the sport. “It was an incredible experience when everyone cheered for me and my opponent also became a new friend of mine”.

At the age of 2 years old, Noah was already kicking and punching pads away like it was a game with the help of his father, sparking his love for the sport. By the age of 5, he knew that his dream was to be a muaythai champion like his role model, top Australian muaythai boxer, Toby Smith, “I want to be successful like him”, he said. Determined, Noah goes to train at the gym almost every day. Yet, this young boy makes sure he finds time for school and family, a true champ in and out of the ring. His father ensures that all the youngsters training together understand the importance of education and respect all the while making sure that the kids have fun.


When asked about the possibility of being an IFMA World Champion, Noah excitedly answered that he would be very proud to be able to represent Australia in the future.

Seeing such passion and drive, reassures us that muaythai future will be safe.

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Source: IFMA.