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Vladimir Burdun - Vice Chairman of IFMA International Development Commission

Vladimir Burdun - Vice Chairman of IFMA International Development Commission

January 21, 2011: International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) has proudly announced the name of the Vice Chairman of its International Development Commission - Vladimir Burdun.

Nowadays muaythai has gained the position of one of the major sports in the world, and international organizations played vital role in this development. IFMA is the most powerful organization that brings new talents to this unique martial art. Apart from that, its mission is to bring "Peace & Sport" to the whole world, that's why the role of IFMA International Development Commission is inseparably linked with the flourishing of the sport worldwide.

President of Dubai Martial Arts Academy, Vladimir Burdun has the first-hand knowledge about muaythai because he's professional fighter himself. When he settled in Dubai, UAE, he understood that this region needs to know about martial arts to develop better society. In 2003 he established Dubai Martial Arts Academy (also known as Dubai Fight Academy) and brought lots of talented guys together to try themselves in different martial arts and to train professionally. After a while Dubai Martial Arts Academy started focusing only on muaythai trainings, and its main goal was to raise professional muaythai fighters that will be prides of the region as well as of the world. And indeed, lots of renowned fighters have started their career in Dubai Martial Arts Academy. However, the organization can be proud not only of fighters trained there, but mostly of the team representing it. Main coaches of Dubai Martial Arts Academy, Magomed Suleymanov and Abdulmalik Gadzhiev, are professional fighters who had gained world titles along with lots of other titles before starting coaching career. Today they are sharing their skills and knowledge with local fighters and are raising new professionals that are prides of Dubai Martial Arts Academy and the Gulf region.

Another great step in bringing local professionals to the world muaythai scene was done by Dubai Martial Arts Academy in the end of 2010: the local project War on the Shore was re-launched and was brought to the international level. Now War on the Shore series attracts not only local professionals, but international stars as well. Muaythai fighters from all parts of the world come to Dubai to defeat their national pride and to show the art of muaythai to the local audience. The latest event was held in November 2010 under the concept Thailand VS Middle East. Now public is excited about the next War on the Shore series which is scheduled on April 2011. The event is promised to be even more spectacular than the one in November because of new venue, concept, and amazing fights, but Dubai Martial Arts Academy officials are still hiding the details on that. They only ask everyone to be prepared for April, because War on the Shore-4 would be hardly forgotten.

Apart from professional muaythai, Vladimir Burdun pays great attention to muaythai amateur. Dubai Martial Arts Academy participated in IFMA World Championships in 2006 and 2007, where it was represented by local fighters, and of course there are lots of amateur competitions this year, 2011, which cannot be missed by Dubai Martial Arts Academy. There is already a confirmation that local fighters from the region will partiticate in IFMA Asian Open Championship at Kish Island on 15-19 April 2011, as well as in IFMA World Championship in Uzbekistan, and renowned King's Cup in Thailand. Moreover, Dubai Martial Arts Academy will definitely take part in the muaythai event which is really important to the regional development of the sport - UAE National Amateur Championship that will be also carried out in 2011.

There is no doubt that Vladimir Burdun has contributed a lot in the development of the muaythai not only in the region but as a whole, and he'll never stop on what's already achieved.

So, congratulations, Mr. President! Looking forward to have more muaythai stars appearing under your powerful supervision!