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Vladimir Burdun: “Admission to Muaythai Team Middle East has begun!”

Vladimir Burdun: “Admission to Muaythai Team Middle East has begun!”

Dear friends,

I would like to send you warmest greetings from Dubai Martial Arts Academy. Being the only official muaythai promoter in the region, we never stop on what has been already achieved and keep on bringing something new to the development of muaythai in the UAE.

In the end of 2010 Dubai Martial Arts Academy brought professional muaythai in Dubai on the international level by re-launching War on the Shore series as a part of Thailand VS Challenger series. This event became the indicator that the year 2011 will be promising and full of surprises to muaythai followers worldwide.

Today I’m glad to announce you great news. Dubai Martial Arts Academy has started working on establishing new fighters’ team called Dubai Fighting Team, or Muaythai Team Middle East! The team will be one of its kind for the number of reasons.

First, Muaythai Team Middle East will be comprised of fighters from all over the world. These fighters will be selected by special testing programs and under the strict monitoring of Dubai Martial Arts Academy and international muaythai institutions.

Second, the team will be representing Dubai Martial Arts Academy in renowned international competitions happening in different parts of the world.

Third, each fighter of Muaythai Team Middle East will have individual sponsorship base disregarding the fees from promoters received after each competition. And forth, each fighter of Muaythai Team Middle East will automatically get an opportunity to perform in one of Dubai events organized by Dubai Martial Arts Academy under the concept Challenger VS World.

I believe that the creation of Muaythai Team Middle East will bring more strength to muaythai in the UAE, will improve the reputation of the region and the martial art’s level on the international sports scene, and of course, will unite muaythai followers worldwide. Wish all fighters the best of health and luck!

Vladimir Burdun
Vice Chairman, IFMA International Development Commission
President, Dubai Martial Arts Academy