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Official Results. World Amateur Muaythai Championship 2006

Official Results. World Amateur Muaythai Championship 2006

On 7 of June had come to an end World Amateur Muaythai Championship 2006, organized by International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA). The event has taken place in Bangkok, Thailand from 31 of May up to 7 of June and was elegantly arranged at MCC, Mall Bang Kapi. 441 athletes from 70 countries participated in this World Championship; three rings were open for completions during one week. Those seven days of Championship have brought Muaythai to another level. Boxers from UAE, first time in history of this sport, had chance to fairly compete in division B. In light heavy weight category (75-81 kg.) Aymen Ben Ali (Dubai, UAE) lost preliminary bout to Ben Sorensen from (Papua New Guinea). In light weight category (57-60 kg.) Hajmeddin Al Hadad (Dubai, UAE) lost preliminary bout by points to Roberto C. Bolofer (Philippines). Although all fighters from UAE lost in preliminary bouts, the sport of Muaythai won in UAE. The boxers from Dubai gained a lot of experience and friends worldwide, the officials – Mohhamed Abbas and Vladimir Burdun, had made a lot of contacts and are going to be appointed on posts in Arab Muaythai Federation.

Official Results

Master Programe male A
Pin Weight (42-45 kg.) – Chaowarach Luangphon (Thailand)
Light Fly Weight (45-48 kg.) – Tyabin Denis (Russia)
Fly Weight (48-51 kg.) – Damrong Seekhao (Thailand)
Bantam Weight (51-54 kg.) – Supachai Payunhan (Thailand)
Feather Weight (54-57 kg.) – Satit Kaowprapai (Thailand)
Light Weight (57-60 kg.) – Panupan Tanjad (Thailand)
Light Welter Weight (60-63.5 kg.) – Makeev Stanislav (Russia)
Welter Weight (63.5-67 kg.) – Morev Alexsander (Russia)
Light Middle Weight (67-71 kg.) – Kishenko Artur (Ukraine)
Middle Weight (71-75 kg.) – Levin Artem (Russia)
Light Heavy Weight (75-81 kg.) – Hancharonak Dzianis (Belarus)
Cruiser Weight (81-86 kg.) – Samedov Zabit (Belarus)
Heavy Weight (86-91 kg.) – Neledva Maxim (Ukraine)
Super Heavy Weight (+91 kg.) – Ustinov Alexander (Russia)

Master Programe male B
Light Fly Weight (45-48 kg.) – Char Kal Tik (Hong Kong)
Fly Weight (48-51 kg.) – To Hang Lam (Hong Kong)
Bantam Weight (51-54 kg.) – Pyrer Turhsez (Poland)
Feather Weight (54-57 kg.) – Ra Ko To (Madagascar)
Light Weight (57-60 kg.) – Abdulsaiamov Zaur (Russia)
Light Welter Weight (60-63.5 kg.) – Joona Hulmi (Finland)
Welter Weight (63.5-67 kg.) – Adamov Samat (Kazahstan)
Light Middle Weight (67-71 kg.) – Shamkhalov Artur (Russia)
Middle Weight (71-75 kg.) – Mudryk Andrey (Ukraine)
Light Heavy Weight (75-81 kg.) – Shawn Yarborough (USA)
Cruiser Weight (81-86 kg.) – Redouan Cairo (Netherlands)
Heavy Weight (86-91 kg.) – Ryan Faull (South Africa)
Super Heavy Weight (+91 kg.) – Nathan Gould (England)

Master Programe female
Pin Weight (42-45 kg.) – Syluie Charbonneav (Canada)
Light Fly Weight (45-48 kg.) – Prakaydaw Pakmalee (Thailand)
Fly Weight (48-51 kg.) – Sararat Kongsawang (Thailand)
Bantam Weight (51-54 kg.) – Ivanova Olga (Russia)
Feather Weight (54-57 kg.) – Misty Sutherland (Canada)
Light Weight (57-60 kg.) – Sandra Bastian (Canada)
Light Welter Weight (60-63.5 kg.) – Christina Martin (USA)
Welter Weight (63.5-67 kg.) – Pernilla Jonsson (Sweden)
Light Middle Weight (67-71 kg.) – Mia Etelapelto (Finland)
Middle Weight (71-75 kg.) – Christina Kilbinger (Denmark)


Division male A
1) Russia
2) Thailand
3) Ukraine
Division Female
1) Canada-Thailand
3) Finland
Division male B
1) Russia
2) England
3) Hong Kong

The best boxer (male)
Hancharonak Dzianis (Belarus)
The best boxer (female)
Sandra Bastian (Canada)
The best Wai Kru (male)
Kalinuk Tuslam (Ukraine)
The best Wai Kru (female)
Sararat Khongswaang (Thailand)
The prospect boxer
Ra Ko To (Madagascar)
The rising star
Chan Kai Chung (Hong Kong)