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War on the Shore. Professional Muaythai Series

War on the Shore. Professional Muaythai Series

Launched in 2007, War on the Shore event has overthrown the sports scene in this region. It brought the art of pure muaythai into the country and attracted thousands of people – both locals and expats.

Today this event is well known both locally and internationally, as it’s promoted by leading media sources and is broadcasted on renowned TV networks:

The recording format is in full HD, and there’s a chance that War on the Shore will be the first professional muaythai tournament in GCC recorded in 3D!

In addition, the documentary will be recorded along with the competition itself. It brings international recognition to the region and the city, and transfers a venue to the renowned landmark, as well as promotes all event-related companies and products on a highly professional level.

Based on previous series statistics, the PR value of each War on the Shore event reaches more than US $3.5 million.

War on the Shore series brings outstanding quality and exposure to its partners and advertisers, as well as a memorable show to the audience.

War on the Shore series – the perfect way of brand advertising!